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You Really Are Most Important To Us ...

let us show you just how important by giving you all the free webmaster
tools you need to make money online quickly with online business systems


SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT WILL BE HAPPENING VERY SOON - 2015 is going to be Our Year Of Change.   For many years now the format of our ANOED website has remained relatively unchanged although Internet Marketing, and indeed the Internet itself, has been subject to constant change.   These changes to the Net and to IM have not gone un-noticed and have been quietly absorbed into our site structure but now we feel the time has arrived when absorption is no longer the answer, it is time to make a complete change to our site set up.   We are working on this as we write and will be  making an announcement very soon, meanwhile we have left the site up (in it's old format but minus old hyperlinks) as a reminder of the many ways we have supplied Internet Marketers, particularly those with limited experience, with the ways and means to fulfil their ambitions and Make Money Online.   Look for an announcement soon of how our new format will continue, and substantially improve on, our past performance and successes.


Enjoy Videos With Us, Start Your Day On A High!
Before we get down to the nitty gritty of Internet Marketing and Making Money Online we want to make sure you are in the right frame of mind, totally relaxed and happy, if you are not then you will find everything else hard work.   So, every few days, we will update the video displayed here with a new fun video, nothing to do with Internet Marketing but everything to do with getting you prepared so you can Make Money Online.

Fun Videos, how to make money online quickly, free webmaster tools
Yet another perfect combination of kids and animals starring in another hilarious video packed full of entertainment, frivolity and fun guaranteed to produce ear to ear smiles and belly busting laughs.
Our objective is to help you to ..
Make Money Online Quickly at Minimum Cost.
  We promise to give you Loads of Free Webmaster Tools comprising Software, Scripts, Graphics, Articles, Reports, E-books, Audios,
Videos, Tips, Tricks and more, all designed to help you achieve success ...
full details of lots of Low and No Cost Ways to Make Money Online Quickly..

     and that is exactly what we will be providing for you ...  

An Endless Supply of Free and Low Cost Resources today and Everyday delivered from our vast library (over 200GB and growing) direct to you via the pages of our Free Newsletter, Anoed's Anecdotes (AA) and our Free Blog, Anoed's Blog Content (ABC).    The AA and ABC of Internet Marketing, the AA and ABC of how to Make Money Online Quickly

make money online quickly, no BS this is a hype free site
  The contents of this web site will be added to on a virtually daily basis.    Our objective is to provide a mix of both Free and Highly Discounted Content with Lots of Quality FREE Downloads Every Week.

Our aim is to help you to make money online quickly with the best online business systems available

Ensure you never miss out on anything Read Our Blogs and
Subscribe to Anoed's Anecdotes Now - Always 100% FREE!
 Introducing ...

 Your Team  "The 3 Marketeers"
   we fight the Internet Marketing Battle on your behalf

 Read On To Learn How We Will
 Help You To Make Money
 Online Quickly and To Meet...

The Team, The Regular Contributors to Our Newsletter, Blog & Website..      +

make money online quickly with the 3 Marketeers - Gordon, Anoed, Goozi
You!   Will You be the 4th Marketeer?   We welcome contributions from all
   our Readers.   Readers who are willing to help other Readers to Make
   Money Online Quickly.   Show that you deserve to be Our 4th Marketeer
   by helping others through your contributions and comments on our Blog
   Postings.  Your contributions will be truly welcomed at these 2 blogs  
I am Gordon Stamp, Your Webmaster & Fellow Net Entrepreneur.  
For several years now I've studied ways of how to make money online quickly.   With the help of my humble, but very able, Helpers
Anoed and Goozi
I'll be passing on everything I've learned together with tips, tricks and other knowledge sent to me by other Friendly Internet Experts.   

My task is to find all the Freebies which will help you to Make Money Online quickly.    Hosting, scripts, software, reports, articles, graphics, programs and more in my web pages (Gordons Freebies and Free Ads & Traffic)   and on my Blog Pages, and... I promise you will get lots and lots of these from me.


make money online quickly

nearly every day we publish an update on
what is happening
in the World of
Internet marketing


almost every day we
advise you on new
low & no cost ways on


virtually every day
we publish this and
more in our blog
and newsletter

Unique Format
bringing you
unique content

nearly every day we publish
a brief synopsis of our Blog Posts in our Free Newsletter

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I am Anoed, Chief Helper to Gordon, or should that be the other way round because this is my web site and I do the real work .   My name is an acronym for A New Opportunity Every Day and my name really sums up my job in life which is to send you information every day on a new way to...
Make Money On
line Quickly.  
In addition I have a special page on our blog where I try to answer your questions on Internet Marketing and how to Make Money Online Quickly. make money online quickly with anoed's questions and answers
Lots of My Opportunities are Free and when I am not able to give them to you for Free then I go out of my way to make sure that...   You Get Some of The Best Bargains Online on How to Make Money Online Quickly
I am Goozi, Anoed's Specialist Assistant with a rather Special Job.    
I lay Golden Eggs just for You
, Golden Eggs which will help you to Make Money Online Quickly  
Golden Eggs are Special Collections of Webmaster Tools offered to You at previously unheard of, never to be repeated, ridiculously low prices.

The collections may comprise any or all of scripts, software, e-books, reports, articles, graphics, audios, videos, but the main thing is that these will now be Offered to You at Discount Prices
SAVING YOU BETWEEN 90% & 95%   off the price they have been previously advertised at and sold for.   Invariably these will be our own compilations and these offers will not be available from any other source online.     A fantastic way to get
loads and loads of the tools you need at prices you'll be "eggstatic" with, tools to help you make money online quickly.

but.. that's not all I do!  I also help Gordon and Anoed to find really good content for our Members Only Club which I'm absolutely certain you will find most useful, and I know you will just love the Membership Subscription (Free!!!)

The Goozi Golden Eggs Service will commence VERY SOON


make money online quickly


I am Tweegoo, Newest Addition to Anoed's Family.   My Proud Parents Twitter and Goozi are All A Twitter (excuse the pun) over my arrival and are telling everybody to come and make friends with me.

I'm barely out of my shell but already they've given me a Webpage and a Twitter Page so I can keep in touch with you all, all the time ... AND ... they've also given me a job to do.   They want me to tell you all about getting traffic from the Social Sites, yet another way to Make Money Online Quickly.   Cor! (sorry I meant CAW!) I may be a bit young but we chicks learn real fast so I'm pretty sure I'll do a good job showing you all just How To Make Money Making Friends, How To Make Money Online Quickly.

make money online quickly
  Between us, Gordon, Anoed, Goozi and not forgetting Tweegoo we will do our level best to guarantee you make money online quickly with online business systems
learn from


Learn From Webinars, get free tips and tricks you never heard of before.
What are webinars?   Webinars are  relatively new to the Net and basically are a method of promoting a product or service and at the same time teaching you in a live classroom situation whilst you are still sitting behind your pc.   You can remain "invisible" to your trainer or can get involved by submitting questions.   The webinar main speaker is invariably an entrepreneur with a proven track record who is generally acknowledged as an expert in the webinar subject.   99% of the time you will get a special sales pitch at the end of the webinar.   Depending on what your particular requirements are this can be an excellent value must have or just something you can do without for the time being, however what is always extremely  invaluable is the amount of Free Advice, Tips, Tricks and more that you get during the course of the webinar.   I've been to many webinars and have purchased, and been happy with, some special offers but I can honestly say that on every webinar I've attended I've always picked up some very useful free information.   Take a look at our Learn From Webinars page now. 

Well worth looking into even if it is just for the freebies.
make money online quickly Members Only Club - New, In Demand Money Makers for Only $1
For a small Monthly Fee (currently FREE but changing soon) Members are able to purchase any product listed in our Club Pages for Only $1 each, products which are currently selling online from a few dollars up to $97 or more.   These are all Recently Released, In Demand Money Making or Saving Products and there are No Limits On The Quantities Members may purchase.    All come with either MRR or PLR Rights - Use Personally and/or Resell for Instant Profits.
Use them to Make Money Online Quickly

The Members Only Club will commence VERY SOON


Join Our Members Only Club To Make Money Online Quickly
make money online quickly
members save up to 95% on recently released proven money makers
Free Membership
One Day Specials
A New Opportunity Every Day, even we don't know what it will be.
From our vast library of Opportunities we have selected a number which are displayed here in an entirely random order, every time you enter or refresh the page a New Opportunity to make money online quickly will appear.   These are changed frequently and are NOT the Opportunities Anoed will be introducing to you, look for them at the foot of every web page ...
Go ahead, give it a try, if you don't fancy what you see just refresh the page for another, and another, and ...

This free script provided by
JavaScript Kit

make money online quickly
Sorry, No BS Here!   This is a TIME SAVING Hype Free Web Site.
We accept that Sales Pages play an essential part in presenting to you the particular benefits of a product or service you may be considering purchasing however reading Sales Pages can often be a very time consuming matter.   We appreciate how important Your Time is and have therefore, throughout this website, adopted a policy of initially offering you
Our Unique No BS Summation of the most relevant points.   We feel sure that this will be sufficient for You to make a swift, in depth and informed initial decision then, for those who seek fuller information, we will also provide links to the promoter's original sales message and description. 
No Bull - No BS!  just plain facts on how to make money online quickly
make money online quickly
Enjoy A Laugh With Us Every Day, courtesy of our sister site I Just Gotta Laugh Now.
All of
Anoed's Anecdotes Newsletters will finish with a little fun,  just Click on our Happy Anoed to share a cartoon with him.    Enjoy the Cartoons and Enjoy Our Site !
make money online quickly
Daily Giveaway
licensed software you would expect to pay for, free to you.. 
As if Gordon wasn't giving you enough with his Gordon's Freebies we just had to add this extra service for our valued visitors.   Every day we bring you for FREE a valuable piece of licensed software which you would normally have to pay for.   Look at the bottom of every page for today's software but act quick, you only have 24 hours to claim it before we change it for a different piece of software.    Licensed Software for You - Free.
and that's us folks, hope we can be of service to you ...
   everything you need to succeed and make money online quickly, and you will find it all in
   Anoed's Anecdotes


Good Luck and Every Success from

 Gordon, Anoed and Goozi

  Your 3 Marketeers
   fighting the Internet Marketing Battle on your behalf

                         don't forget Me  make money online quickly

make money online quickly with the 3 Marketeers - Gordon, Anoed, Goozi
Ensure you never miss out on anything Read Our Blogs and
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